About Us



Dreamsickle Kids Foundation is the 1st Sickle Cell Organization in Nevada. Created in 2018 by mother  and Executive Director Gina Glass. Gina witnessed first hand the lack of knowledge and resources for people affected with Sickle Cell in Nevada.  From her personal experience , Dreamsickle Kids was birthed. The purpose of the organization is to increase Awareness,  celebrate,educate and support families impacted by Sickle Cell Disease and now all Rare Diseases in Nevada,while also educating medical providers and the community on the affects of this debilitating disease. Dreamsickle Kids partners with many organizations and individuals to elevate Sickle Cell Awareness in the state of Nevada and across the United States. Being the pioneer of advocacy for this rare disease in Nevada ,Dreamsickle Kids has been tasked with bringing more information and awareness to Nevada to ensure that the Silver State accounts for the needs of all of its citizens ,including the small Sickle Cell population. With the passing of AB254 this past June, the state is on  the path to do just that.